Amazing Health Benefits of Beer

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Drinking beer moderately has numerous health benefits Contrary to popular belief, drinking beer in moderation has positive health benefits. Despite being often viewed as unhealthy, science shows that beer has several essential health benefits. Beer is more nutritious than wine as it contains more protein and vitamin B. Hops, a crucial ingredient […]

Experimenting With Barrel-Aged Beers Using Different Types of Wood Barrels

brown beer barrel

Are you looking to try something new and exciting when it comes to craft beer? Then why not give barrel aging a chance? Barrel-aging beer can add incredible depth, complexity and flavor to your brews. And with the right blend of wood barrels from Blue Canoe, you can experiment with different techniques to create one-of-a-kind […]

Top 6 Food Categories to Try at a Beerhouse

As a food lover, you can never run out of beer and food pairings to try As a food lover, pairing your favorite beer with a meal at a pub should be an adventure. However, you need to understand which beer and food flavors are best combined to get the best pairings. Once you understand […]

How to Make the Perfect Beer and Barbecue Pairing

Summertime is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy a delicious barbecue with friends and family. But what goes better with barbecue than beer? In this guide, we will teach you how to make the perfect beer and barbecue pairing. We’ll cover everything from types of beer to pair with different kinds […]

Tips for tasting Brewery Beer

Brewery beer is a craft that has been around for centuries, and the process of making it is one that takes time and precision. When you taste brewery beer, you want to be able to appreciate all the flavors and aromas that went into making it. Here are some tips for tasting brewery beer like […]

The Brewing Process

Would you like to know more about the brewing process? The brewing process is a series of steps that result in beer. It starts with malted barley and ends with carbonated, alcoholic beer. There are four main ingredients used to make beer: water, malt, hops and yeast. Each ingredient has its own role during the […]

What are The Best Craft Beers?

We all know that craft beers are a popular choice for people who enjoy their beer. In this post, I will be talking about the best craft beers to try. These types of brews have been available in Canada since 2013 and they can now be found at most liquor stores across the country. In […]

Pizza Best Partner with Beer

Pizza is one of the most popular foods out there. It’s also one of the best food-and-beer combinations, which makes sense because pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. You wouldn’t think it would work at first but then you try it with a cold pint in your hand, and suddenly everything […]

Foods That Go Well with Beer

You don’t have to drink only beer whenever you grab a bottle. Beer makes a great match with foods due to its variety of flavors, as well as the ability to interact exceedingly well with suitable food spices. That leaves no brainer as to why the statistic of beer and food consumers are on the […]