Science behind the Beer

We handcraft and brew every beer in-house. Our understanding of the world’s finest ingredients furthers our quest for the perfect blend and excellent taste. Our constant desire to have large varieties of beer for everyone continues because we are passionate about satisfying every individual’s taste palate. If you’re a domestic beer drinker, you can choose from our selections of 5.2% abv Lager. Liquor explorers and adventurers are also welcome on this tour. There are new and exciting variants of seasonal brews for the daring ones.

Beyond brewing and the science of hospitality, we safeguard a proud culture of quality and years of trust. We believe that every effort to please our guests must start with our service, so we continuously reflect this on our menu offerings.

Beers are just beers, but we’ve been able to make more out of it. So every time we have guests stopover at our Blue Canoe Brewery for lunch and dinner, we know it’s an opportunity to impress. With a spark of creativity and adventure, beer and liquor lovers can relish the taste of a thousand flavors.

We have an array of locally brewed craft beers, a robust assortment of liquors and the best smiles to serve them to you. We take the time to show our customers the possibilities that abound in alcohol and demonstrate our commitment to the art. We invest in securing expert insider knowledge in the liquor brewing industry. Hence, for us, brewing is an opportunity to create unique flavor profiles from a wide range of ingredients.