You don’t have to drink only beer whenever you grab a bottle. Beer makes a great match with foods due to its variety of flavors, as well as the ability to interact exceedingly well with suitable food spices. That leaves no brainer as to why the statistic of beer and food consumers are on the rise.

Organic products such as hops, yeast, and carbohydrates are useful in beer brewing. These products are responsible for its unique taste, appearance, smell, and a reason why it’s very nourishing to consume with foods. On this page, you will learn the varieties of foods to pair with beer brands and make a delightful meal.

1.  Chicken Wings, Salads, Seafood, Sushi, and Pasta

The universal rule for these foods is not to overwhelm with a strong beer. On that note, a light lager will be a good pair for each of them. However, when you decide to mix the cream with any of the meals, then remember to replace the light beer with a dense brew. On the side of pasta, it can go down well with any type of drink due to its various spices. The recommended beers for this group of food are Blue Moon, Wheat Beer, and Belgian Blonde Ale.

2.  Chips And Salty Dishes

Fried potato chips are famous American foods that are light in their flavor profile. Therefore, opt for a beer that’ll wash your taste buds and not take away all the chips’ salty flavors. That goes the same too for salty dishes like instant noodles and spicy chicken tenders. Recommended beers for these foods are light German lager, Oktoberfest brews.

3.  Burgers, Roasted Meats & Steaks

Steaks match well with the cabernet. However, darker shades of brews such as stouts, are often paired with roasted meats, size by size.

4.  Spicy Foods

The flavors of light lagers augment spicy foods like Mexican dishes, buffalo wings, tasty Thai dishes, and Szechuan chicken. Spice in the brew can penetrate those of peppers in such foods, allowing the hops to be richly tasted, thereby alleviating the spice in the diet. Recommended beers for these foods are Mexican Corona, light Lagers, pale Indian ale.

5.  Desserts

Chocolate flavors in stouts blend well with any exquisite dessert. An alternative is a lighter, fruity ale or lager. A lot of persons can’t even create an image of dessert alongside beer. A new delightful experience awaits you if you eat your pudding or cake with a fruity beer. Recommended beers are light, fruity beers like stouts and pale Indian ale.

6.  Cheese, Sandwich & Pizza

Cheese and wine commonly combine well together. But that does not mean it can not be matched with beer too. Beer is especially good with cheese because it produces only a little acidity when in contact with cheese. More so, because it removes the fat in cheese from the palate of the human mouth. It also works in the same manner as the other foods in this group.

Note: Any beer can go with cheese, sandwiches, and pizza. However, it is recommendable that more robust cheese should go with ale. Preferably the pale Indian Ale.

7.  Deviled Eggs, Charcuterie, Shrimp-Cod Fritters, Crab Cakes

Besides a pilsner, any other beer may be too intense for these dishes and overwhelm their salty flavors. Furthermore, pilsner cuts well into the fatty nature of charcuterie, making it thinner. The bitterness of pilsner hops also makes it beer of choice when eating kinds of seafood, which are generally salty, including shrimps.

When confronted with weird choices, go local. If it is a Mexican dish, then leave it to a Mexican brew. Pretzels, knockwurst, and brats can marry their local German beers. The thrill may be unpleasant, but there are chances it will turn out fine because they’re of the same region of origin.

By the way, if you like to taste the right combination of food with beer and leave with a good impression of it, you should go to Blue Canoe Brewery. Their hospitality and quality in service delivery have been consistent over the years. Their foods available to consume with a range of chill beer bottles include sandwich, chips, shrimps, grits, barbecues, mushrooms, wanton, special meals.

Staff at this brewery serve only recently brewed beers that offer distinct flavors when served chill. Blue Canoe is the place to begin your trial and leave no regrets due to their experience in the successful pair of beer with foods.

On the other hand, if you prefer homemade foods, grills quickly form the best partnership with beers. You can easily prepare racks that have those appetizing smoky flavors at your backyard and download them with a Lighter Lager for refreshment.


There is no perfect formula for identifying delightful beer and food matches. Most times, the available ones resulted from trial and error practices. You can find out more yourself if you love beers, but for a start, you can begin with any of these on our site.

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