Just as you settle to fill your stomachs with tasty food. The waiter serves you with a starter to give you a taste of what to expect in this restaurant. The starter is a full plate of not only plain chips but also layered with perfectly baked beans.

On the side, you have barbecued pork marinated with cheese. To make it balanced, you cannot miss some touch of sour cream on the side with tomato and lettuce to complete this starter. What a balanced diet for a family get together?


A unique meal that differentiates the Blue Canoe Brewery from the rest is Wanton Wrappers. The meal is deeply fried, then rolled to make a captivating shape. It is complete with the in-house sauce on the side.

Are you looking to get a difference in Wanton? If yes, then visit the restaurant with your family, and you will have a story to tell for the rest of the year.

The Famous Dip

Just as you check in the restaurant, you cannot miss the chalkboard display with the meal of the day. It is what defines Blue Canoe Brewery. Every day, they have a special meal at an affordable price to serve their customers
The famous dip can be served either hot or cold- it depends on your choice. The pairing system the chef uses gives it yet another aroma and delicious flavor.

In house Craft Beers

Can a get together be complete without beer or soft drinks?

After a massive and tasty meal, it is now time to make merry. The children can have soft drinks while the adults can enjoy the unique in-house beers offered at the restaurant.

What an excellent way to go through the nightlife?

The beers are locally brewed, but still, to accommodate the international clients, they have the renowned brands stocked in their shelves. It is a get-together- the time to have an altered taste.

Once you get a sip of the crafted beers, you cannot even order for the typical beers, you know. It is a niche that the restaurant has capitalized on to maintain customer loyalty.

Shrimp and Grits

Are you a seafood lover? Definitely, in a family, there are different tastes, especially in animal proteins. The menu is marinated with cheese and topped with sour sauce at less than $10.

It is a meal that takes care of the family members who are looking forward to having a taste of a unique seafood menu.

Campfire barbequed Mushrooms

Do you love mushrooms and want a meal with lots of creativity in its preparation? If yes, then order for the BBQ mushrooms sweetened with onions, sausage, and creamed cheese.

It is a taste that will remain forever in the mouth.


As long as you order for chips, then there is a sandwich that accompanies it at no extra cost. Moreover, you can opt to change to fried sweet potatoes with a protein of choice available on the menu.

Special meals

At Blue Canoe Brewery, we accommodate all persons. In a family, not everyone is comfortable with the meals provided. Once you have made it your choice as a venue, then you is at liberty to give them a specific menu.

It will accommodate all ages and also special meals based on different health choices.

Moreover, it will not just be an everyday meal that you think of it. The touch of creativity from the chefs in the meal plans is fantastic. As long as you have given them the health issues that you need to be addressed, then leave the work to the food experts. Your job is just to come with family members and enjoy yourselves.